Top Apps to Connect Free Wifi at Public Areas

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Why you need free Wifi:

If you’re a daily traveler you might need to connect free WiFi connection everywhere in order to check his inbox quickly or make an online payment while roaming. To meet all of these needs, Android and iOS users can easily download some awesome WiFi apps on their smartphones free of charge.

Visiting and installing them from Google Play Store or iTunes is everything you need to do. You can then have free access to WiFi on-the-go. Here’s a list of such free top apps to connect free Wifi for your ready reference and intervention.

Free Wifi


As you can see from its name, Free WiFi is free wifi connect apk that is easy but powerful. Only add this app to your Android phone so you can get free WiFi connection everywhere and at any time to the internet.

This software helps you to connect to public Wi-Fi without any hassle, in addition to saving your mobile data.




Both iPhones and Android phones support the Wibrate app, which comes with an easy-to-use GUI. This is another app with free WiFi. What you need to do is go to iTunes for free access to the internet and download this app for you.

You can enjoy internet connectivity in various public places, such as cinemas, cafes, salons and libraries in your area, with this free WiFi app by your side.


AutoWifi Lite


For iPhones, a simple and free app! This app stores all the username and password information, and once it locates a WiFi hotspot, it will instantly connect to the nearest WiFi network automatically.

Every time you reach a WiFi network that is near you, this app does not call for the web browser to be launched.




Osmino comes with a special WiFi manager that logs public WiFi hotspots along with their passwords so that they can be used by private networks. You don’t need to allow complex settings tagged as a globally recognized free wifi connect apk.

Once you run the app, it will automatically search for WiFi passwords to connect to the nearest hotspot, using its WiFi hotspot map.


Insta Bridge


Instabridge is a promising name for Android-compatible free WiFi apps, with its name which reads “Free Internet for all.” You will have free access to the nearest WiFi hotspots when you download this app from the Google Play Store.

This app provides useful data points on the speed and reputation of certain preferred hotspots with which you can connect without any limitations. You can also access offline maps when roaming to find hotspots.


Why do I need free WiFi?

The above apps to connect free Wifi which are Android and iOS compatible allow you to always be connected with the World Wide Web.

These free WiFi apps are really a boon for all those who are often away from their own home WiFi networks, and not to spend a penny on your mobile data.

With these applications, you can easily connect to available WiFi hotspots, you can easily access emails or make any payment online while moving.

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