Best Apps to Track WhatsApp Last Seen

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A huge number of people use WhatsApp in their daily lives. WhatsApp helps us to exchange text messages, videos, pictures, and other media with our peers, relatives, and everyone else we want. In this situation, we’d like to know with whom we spend the bulk of the app’s time in order to bring a small halt to it. For fun, we’d like to Track WhatsApp Last Seen means who we spend the most time with on WhatsApp.
There are a few apps on the Play Store that can tell you what you’re talking about the most in WhatsApp conversations. Let’s take a look at these apps and see what they have to do!

List of Apps to Track WhatsApp Last Seen

W-Seen – Online Last  SeenTrack WhatsApp Last Seen

Will you suspect that when you’re asleep, your child is searching social networking sites? It’s time to put this to the test and have a serious debate!

W-Seen Online offers you all the information of how much time your loved ones spend online. You may also be able to see how much your fan opens his or her mailbox and reacts to messages.

You can also figure out where the people you’re involved in go by using W-Seen Online and will show you what apps they use.

When you’ve entered your contacts, you’ll be able to get automatic updates if anyone comes online. The programmers give all customers a free Premium preview, allowing them to ensure that LogMe Online works properly.


Online tracking app


WhatLogin: Online Last SeenTrack WhatsApp Last Seen

WaStat is a wonderful last seen online tracking app. If you’re searching for an app that can alert you anytime your children or loved ones go online. It will even give you a message if anyone goes offline. There is a clock that you can look at and see how much time you and others spent on WhatsApp, telegram, and other social media. You will still look at the monitoring files from the previous month in WaStat. You can create more than ten monitoring profiles at once.



Notify Online-Last Seen

Notify Online – Last Seen sends you an email if one of your children goes online, as well as when they go offline. You should also look at a comprehensive report of their last seen actions on the internet. And you should look at their smartphone use on a daily and weekly basis and get an indication about how much time they spend online.

You can watch and control your children’s online presence with Alert Online – Last Seen.
Notify Online – Last Seen is a platform that helps you to limit your children’s online activity while increasing their participation in real-life events.



WaRadar: Track WhatsApp last seen

What amount of the time do you spend on social media? The apps are ready to use with the times and instant updates from WaRadar. The message is discarded after all of the specifics of the curiosity environment are communicated to you.

State the dates and times of your events, as well as any urgent steps you took. Examine online deadlines using a tracker that operates both online and offline, as well as whatsapp online. When was the last time you saw him? Determine the number of minutes.



Family Track – Online Status : Usage & Last Seen

You can track your family’s online behaviour, last seen, and track WhatsApp last seen with Usage & Last Seen feature.
Is one of your children sleeping or conversing with another? Is he or she online after it’s time to go to bed?
You can record and follow your children’s behaviour around the clock with our tracker, even when you are not with them! Try it for free right now!

We include comprehensive information on up to three numbers’ web operation, as well as real-time warnings and updates.

Throughout the day, you can sort reports by date and relevant time periods.


Track WhatsApp Last Seen

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